Fireflies Excursion

June 7th 2008 Comittee member, Ms. Krissy Gee along with several other MYS members organised and sponsored an excursion for 20 underprivileged children to Kuala Selangor to view fireflies.

Everyone congregated at the Brickfields center sharp at 5pm and boarded the bus for a two hour journey to Kuala Selangor. Aboard the bus, some games were played to past the time.

Prizes and goody bags were handed out to the children and they all emerged as ‘winners’! Upon arrival, the atmosphere was already buzzed with excited children and adults. Before going on the cruise, all were treated to a yummy fare of Nasi Lemak.

As soon as it was dark enough, everyone boarded 2 boats and started their slow 30 min cruise down the river among mangrove bushes that were illuminated with the light of fireflies! For the children it was a first time experience and an unforgettable one.

The tour ended back at Brickfields at 11pm and thanks to all the organisers and volunteers, 20 young people were given happy new memories to remember and enjoy!!!

Malaysia Yoga Society