MYS Yoga Clinic 2017


MYS Yoga Clinic is a dream come true with the valuable support of SEDIC in helping us serve a segment of our nation.

The objective of the Yoga Clinic is to bring greater awareness about the deep realities of Yoga and its benefits to adults; to learn simple and effective asanas (postures) for physical health, pranayama (breathing techniques) for a steady mind, yoga nidra (relaxation techniques) to manage stress, and dhyana (meditation) which helps to calm the mind.

Yoga also increase energy and inner peace, inspiring to understand own self and their surroundings better, for a meaningful existence, and to lead a calm, caring and successful life based on powerful yogic techniques.


The project is a comprehensive approach on health promotion through yogic ways.

Programme includes 3 major components

  • Hatha Yoga session inclusive of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and dhyana
  • Health awareness talks which will give an insight on optional therapies for various common health related issues and detox methods for self-purification
  •  Yoga talks related to lifestyles and counseling

We have always believed that yoga belongs to all and should reach everyone.

In the Malaysian context, we righteously practice yoga as a form of community exercise like the great practice of Tai Chi which is being practiced by everyone irrespective of racial or religious differences. We should all start thinking as one nation to face the health issues affecting our country’s citizens.

Yoga, in the original form is a harmonising physical exercise which can be practiced safely by all. When we set excellent precedence, this then serves as a great model for the world to emulate.

Let Malaysians lead the way to share and care for the unity, peace and good health of all.


4th June – 3rd Sept 2017 (14 sessions)

Day & Time 
Every Sunday, from 8am to 11am

Desa Mentari, San Peng & Sentul Pasar

Participant’s Limit 
30 participants, from each location

Targeted Group 
Adults with B40 income category
[household monthly earning of RM3900 and below]

*Breakfast will be provided
*Participants must be from the mentioned locations
*No payment is required from participants

For enquiries & registration:
+6012 6799482 [Master Mani]

Malaysia Yoga Society