Sadhana Journey


In line with our vision and mission, many activities have been conducted over the years namely Yoga Competitions, Yoga Camps, Yoga for Homes, and Yoga for Schools.

Many remarkable changes have been noticed in children who were astray and were brought back to track and now have secured better futures. Improvements in academics,behavior,thinking skills were some of the feedback given by parents and teachers of children participating in our transforming programmes.

With the Grand Success of Yoga Clinic under SEDIC sponsorship and National Yoga Camp in the year of 2017, we took the next step forward into the MY YOGA SADHANA JOURNEY (MYSJ) for 2018.


MYSJ is a mini camp ranging between 1 – 2 days conducted in schools of all types with the mission and objectives as listed below. As an important sequel of this camp, we look forward to place certified instructors in school to carry on weekly yoga classes for these children assisted by a standardized syllabus all ready to be used.

MYSJ Mission
  1. To create the awareness on importance of yoga for school children.
  2. To highlight its relevance in excelling in all domains of life – academic/career/ and behaviour.
  3. To encourage schools to adapt a weekly yoga practice upon realizing the values imparted.
MYSJ Objectives
  1. To introduce Yoga as a science & technology that uplifts self and bring out the fullest potential of children. Yoga here is introduced in a concept of understanding the body senses and how to use them effectively. Activities to sharpen the five senses and to eventually be able to control them to bring about desired dream and manifest it in life.
  2. To cultivate important values and mould children to bring out the best behavior through fun relatable stories and linking them towards moral values in yama/niyama
  3. To enjoy the process of Hatha yoga in single/partner/group variations giving an awareness of the body intelligence and connection between body, mind and emotion.
  4. To impart the right techniques of pranayama/dharana/dhyana to enhance memory, reduce brain cluttering, break fear, bring peace and joy and emotional healing.
  5. To tackle subtle and sensitive areas such as emotion management/time management/food management through activities.
  6. To boost self confidence and highlight the need to express all 5 senses for a holistic growth and development of the child.
  7. To give a brief history of 8 limbs of yoga/history and relevant historical figures in yoga.
  MY Yoga Sadhana Journey Events :

Our very first MYSJ was in Anbu Illam and Karunai Illam.

Chronology of Events.

Friday 16th and Saturday, 17th February 2018 – Anbu Illam Boys Home, Ulu Kelang Friday 23rd and Saturday, 24th February 2018 – Karunai Illam Girls Home, Kepong Saturday, 17th and Sunday, 18th March 2018 at the SJKT St. Joseph, Sentul Sunday, 16th April 2018 at SM Seri Sepang for SM Seri Sepang and SJKT Seri Sepang, Salak Tinggi.


Pn. Latha (Ketua PIBG @ SJKT St. Joseph) “Namaskar, the recent My Yoga Sadhana Journey (camp) 2018, held at SJKT St. Joseph was the BEST Yoga camp I would say. Yoga is the most favorable method to connect to the nature by balancing the mind-body connection. The trainers conveyed it to all our students in many ways they could. Kids had lots of fun & they benefitted the most. It was also an eye opener for the parents and we knew yoga can plan an important role in our kids’ lifestyle. We would like to thank our Trainers, specially Teacher Puspa for her endless effort towards our school and her weekly Thursdays, yoga lesson. We see many changes in our kids’ behaviours. Thank you so much! “

Puan Anjilai (Parent @ SJKT St. Joseph) “Vanakam Teacher Puspa, Dr. Kuga and All MYS volunteers. Thank you for the opportunity given to all our SJKT St. Joseph students. The vibes was very positive and the totally enjoyed being part of St. Joseph parents team during the My Yoga Sadhana Journey (Camp).”

Mr. Udaya Kumar (Coordinator @ SMK Seri Sepang) “We do appreciate all your efforts together with your big team to make us and our children to be benefited through your entire teaching and guidance on the day towards better health and thinking through Yoga. It was amazing and wonderful, Teacher Puspa. We do appreciate your responsibility and kindness towards human being touch and enlightenment. Great things come from Great People like all of you. Thanks a lot Teacher Puspa to you and your team.”

Anbu Illam Boys Home, Ulu Kelang.
Karunai Illam Girls Home, Kepong.
SJKT St. Joseph, Sentul.
SM Seri Sepang and SJKT Seri Sepang, Salak Tinggi.
Malaysia Yoga Society