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Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) is passionate about its Karma Projects, a social responsibility it has undertaken to bring Harmonious & Peaceful living through Yoga.

What a participant say:

My heartiest gratitude to Master Manisekaran and his superb team, for organising such an excellent 7-Day Yoga camp in December 2012.

When I observed Master Mani’s calmness in handling issues ever so patiently, I took a stand to learn to be a patient person. Master gave us a lot of exposures and positive techniques to manage our daily lives such as life goals, problems related to studies and even the issue of teenage love. We were taught memory boosting techniques. I also learned how to preserve and value precious natural resources such as water, to accept friends of other cultures as my brothers and sisters, about punctuality and respect, to be a more sociable person and how to convert criticism into a positive and productive challenge.

One of the most importance life lessons I acquired from this camp is to accept myself as I am and at the same time continue to strive for improvements as I journey on. I am looking forward to participate in this camp again as a leader to help others. Yoga is an investment you make for your life. It is a life long journey and benefits come into place gradually. Join the camp and see the miracle happen within You. Thank you. – Turiya Deva, student

Listed are few of our projects.
7-Day Yoga Camp - Dec 2012.

in SJK TAMIL SARASWATHY, Sungai Buloh, Selangor. December 2012

Visit to Orphanage

Rumah Kanak-kanak WP, Kepong, Selangor

Yoga at National Sai Conference

National Sai Convention 2012 at the Glory Beach Resort, Port Dickson


Saktipat Initiation

Saktipat Initiation (in Tamil)

Malaysia Yoga Society