Learn to Teach, Teach To Learn

Programme for Senior Students (12 yrs and above) – 

Programme includes:

Level 1 Yoga Instructor Certification
Those who successfully complete the programme will be given this valuable certificate equivalent to RM3,000. With this, you can start teaching family members, teachers and students in your respective schools. You can also teach in your respective colleges and earn part-time income to help pay for your studies, etc.

Buddhi Development,
You will learn philosophy that will help you understand what is right action and what is wrong action, and to think wisely and deeply.

Special Yogic Techniques
Learn techniques that will help you get the most out of your studies, manage your lives in a positive manner and develop internal harmony, which will help create harmony on the outside.

Yogic Knowledge
The practical demonstrations of the benefits of yoga to help you understand how your life will be meaningful in the present and the future.

Email : malaysianyogasociety@gmail.com

What a participant say:

On the 19th November 2011, my sis-in-law & I were blessed to participate in the “Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn Yoga Programme” by MYS, under the tutelage of Dear Master Mani and his dedicated team.

Held at Chap Kuan School, Batu Arang, this 5-day intensive training programme, presenting the internationally recognised International Yoga Instructor Course, was filled with in-depth coaching along with essential practices of the authentic science of Yoga – from simple yet highly beneficial joints exercises to rejuvenating yoga postures and breathing techniques, each day was simply packed with inspiring knowledge!

Throughout the course we were closely guided by a team of knowledgeable trainers. The inspiration and motivation bestowed upon us served as a tremendous boost to our self-confidence – a vital quality in every Yoga Instructor.

Upon our graduation most of my fellow classmates were soon engaged in voluntary and caregiving activities armed with yoga teaching knowledge. I approached the Headmaster of SJK (T) Saraswathy, Jalan Klang Lama to conduct weekly Free Yoga sessions for the school children and have been teaching there since.
–   K. Saravana Sealan, Yoga Instructor

Learn To Teach - Nov 2011

in Chap Kuan School Bt Arang, Selangor. November 2011

Learn To Teach - May 2011

in Fletcher (T) School, Kuala Lumpur. May 2011

Learn To Teach - Nov. 2010

in Pure Life Society, Kuala Lumpur. May 2011

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