Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn – Nov 2010

Learn To Teach for a Caring and Sharing Society

Date : 20th – 26rd November 2010.

A 7-day programme, held from the 20th to the 26th of November 2010 at the Pure Life Society in Puchong and SJK (T) Jalan Fletcher in KL. The free-course, offered by the Malaysian Yoga Society, was designed specifically to provide a systematic and comprehensive basic yoga training to poor, underprivileged students and abused women, with the intention to provide them with certificates, which would enable them to run their own classes.


The participants, who came from all over Malaysia, learnt strenuous but effective yoga lessons that covered all aspects of teaching yoga from basic asanas to intermediate level asanas; philosophy of yoga; pranayama – breathing techniques; shatkarma – cleansing techniques; pratyahara -relaxation techniques and management of a yoga class.

A father said he was happy to know that his three children, who took part in the programme, were involved in a meaningful and useful exercise. Yoga was engaging them in body and mind and helping them develop valuable skills like relaxation, focus of mind and meditation.

The students learnt self discipline and importance of cultivating good habits for a prosperous life.

With daily practice, they would be able to develop their thinking skills, be sensitive to their thinking patterns, whether destructive or progressive, and motivate them towards higher achievements in studies as well as life generally. The women learnt to appreciate their abilities, heal from past bad experiences or traumas, self-control and skills to boost their confidence. Overall they were made clear of the importance of yoga for self development, self realisation and the development of their consciousness, which will definitely enhance their lives as well as their families’ and friends’.

“The project should be expanded to reach more students and underprivileged women, especially in the rural areas. It will teach students self discipline and help them improve their physical and mental capabilities,” said Madam Kamalaveni from Johor. Her son, Kasiven, added that he enjoyed his lessons and looked forward to bringing some of his friends to join the next such programme.

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