Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn – Nov 2011

Learn To Teach for a Caring and Sharing Society

Date : 19th – 23rd November 2011.

On 19th to 23rd November the Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) organised and successfully conducted the second “Learn to Teach, Teach to Learn” Karma Yoga programme for 2011 with full support from Yoga Franchise and a team of MAYI certified volunteer instructors led by Master Manisekaran.Thisfully sponsored foundation level International Yoga Instructor Course (IYIC) involvescoaching participantsmethods of teaching basic level yoga with the objective of improving their own health and empowering them to continue sharing the benefits of yoga with others.


A diverse group of participants from Iran, Indonesia, Sabah, Sarawak, Kelantan, Ipoh, BatuArangand the Klang Valley attended the 5 days intensive programme at Chap Kuan School in BatuArang. Amongst them were school teachers, physiotherapists, volunteers/caregivers of various NGOs including National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM)and several teenage leadership trainees.Participants from out of town opted for free accommodation provided at MYS Yoga Home in BatuArang while the rest commuted daily from Klang Valley.

Although the training was intensive, the participants were in high spirits and looking remarkably radiant by the fifth day than when they first arrived. They expressed their wholehearted appreciation for the free programme as they gained a deeper understanding of authentic yogic science and experienced significant health improvements, including better breathing and coordination, reduced joints pain and back ache, as well as increased mental alertness and confidence. Upon completion of the course, all participants were evaluated and received their IYIC Level 1 certification on the final day.

MYS organisersalso announced that this programme is scheduled to be held again in May and November 2012.

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