Shakti Pat Initiation (conducted in Tamil)


Shakthipath Diksha is the transmission of a living force or energy from one person to another.

“Shakti” is the conscious, living, intelligent force. “Pat” meant to transfer or pass down. “Diksha” means to initiate, so “Shaktipat Diksha: is the passing or transmission of a conscious living force or energy from initiator to initiate.

*** This initiation programme will be conducted in Tamil.

By this initiation the person may gain the following benefits :
Your life will start to be aligned with the Universal Energy, you will attract all that is necessary for your material adn spiritual life (Law of Attraction)
– Enhanced intution and awareness
– Improvement of health and well being
– Clarity of insight, thoughtfulness and wisdom.

Able to heal your physical, mental and emotional states by the technique of self healing.

You will learn a special technique to create a special bond with all your loved ones.

By only spending 30 minutes a day with simple breathing technique and meditation you can lead a perfectly spiritual, healthy, calm and balanced lifestyle.

All the contributions received from this initiatiton will be forwarded to the Malaysian Yoga Society’s (MYS) Karma Yoga Project, for teaching yoga to Tamil School children and other charity projects.


This programme is conducted by Master Manisekaran.

Master Manisekaran, the founder of Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) and Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI), has 33 years experience in yoga and is one of th world’s leading exponents of yoga.
He propogates some of the most effective yogic training, adhering to the age old techniques and possesses in depth knowledge of psychology, yoga therapy, the healing sciences, yogic philosophy and the meditative sciences.

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