Himalaya Thoughts

On 5th May 2008, 44 yogis from The Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) set off on a once in a life time trip to the Himalayas. Here are some of their thoughts…

“I know that place in You where entire Universe resides.
I know that place in You,
of Love, of Truth, of Peace
I know that place in You where,
if You are in that place in You
and I am in that place in me,
there is only one of Us.”
… Maharishi…

(Thoughts and sharings by MYS CharDham Yatra (Four Sacred Places of Pilgrimage) Group, May 2008

A most interesting journey with a most interesting group of sincere, loving & adventurous individuals. The essence, vibrations, sceneries, feelings & thoughts will be forever embedded in our heart of hearts…
Personally, I felt the overwhelming kindness of the group to me & to each other; and this I feel, is the ultimate victory.
Jai Himalayas 
With love, 
Manisekaran (20/5/08)

I travelled with so many tourists from India & abroad, but this group of 44 members was different from others as on the way to Char Dham the group had a lot of inconveniences. But wah! They were like gods and goddesses from Malaysia who never make me feel that they had so much inconveniences. I appreciate really all members were the gods and goddesses invited here by Lord Shiva & Lord Vishnu.
Thanks to all of them. Their blessings will always be with me.

Surendra BahnKhand
(Group guide from GMVN)

The Birth of the Ganga… The new Beginning… New life begins Here and Now. The experiences we carry from this trip, may we bring it back to our family and friends, so others too can have a little glance of the Himalayas. 
God Bless.

Be good, 
Do good
Always be loving

A hard trail but with your love, care and lots of laughter we went through it.
All the best to You
Mona (Cho)

It’s a wonderful journey with all my co-practitioner friends & their families and mainly my wonderful Master! I enjoyed the retreat!! It has taught me lots of patience and memorable moments with all beautiful souls on this trip! Thanks, thanks to Master Manisekaran for organising this wonderful challenging trip!!
Shanti (Schmidt)

Om Nama Shivaya Om!
It’s a great adventurous, challenging experiences, memorable & pleasant journey in my life. Om.
Thank God & thanks to all.
G. Devi

Lots of Love, Lots of Experience
Giving & receiving among each other. 
Journey flowing smoothly to high & low.
May Love and Peace to Everybody.
Om Shanti Shanti.
Carol Kumkuma

What an interesting lovely journey*!
Lotsa wonderful experiences making new friends, fun, thrilling n scary rides 2 inches from death steep edgy roads. Hot to extreme temps in d bus n outside. Making us mentally n physically stronger enriching us with tremendous patience n tolerance. Thank u all for major awakening. More aligned n blessed with tremendous righteous energy n love.
Love u all
Debbie Rodrigo

I have found myself.
Found caring and loving friends who I have never met. Feel proud of myself. Most important thing is I’m very happy when I see everyone smiling heading home.
Universal love,
Pooja (Krissy)

It was a life time experiences,
Where u have winter & summer at a same time, energy flow from all sides where ever we go. Joy & happiness. There’s great patience & tolerance here.
Was here
Been there
Always be there

Great New experiences, friends, places, etc…
Amazing beauty.
A trip of my life 

The Ganges is a must try.

Om… It was a very interesting & challenging trip for us…
Thru this trip I had an opportunity to learn a lot…
Now we are much stronger mentally & physically…
Now, Veeni & Pravena are good friends ever…
It helps us a lot to improve & strengthen our relationship… 
We feel we know each other from last birth…
We want to thank Himalaya for making us feel that & thanks to Master for organising the trip…
Thanks to Uncle Segar & wife for their love, care & kindness throughout the trip to us…
All the best to everyone & be happy always – may god bless all of us.
With Love, 
Praveena & Veeni

Thank you very much for accepting me to travel with a very wonderful and energetic group of people who were very caring and helpful even though they all only came to know me at the Yatra only. I was very touched the way they cared for me when I was sick and slow. MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU ALL THE TIME. 
Wonderful & Beautiful Himalayas

This was a very special Yatra. Many things were experienced in a short time. A place where we all learnt, grew, shared, comforted, laughed, cried and took everything positively with Master’s love protecting us all the time. Some words could not explain. Love to all and realisation that all is one could be felt in this journey. Himalayas, my father, Ganga, my mother and Master, my guru, what else do I need?
Love, peace and joy to all…
With lots of love

India Is Incredible
Nava Nesan

It’s the first time I joined a “tour group” too much to say but it was a wonderful memorable trip where I got some new experiences, bald my head, lifting up spiritually, enjoying the group dynamic. There are laughter, joy, tears, emotional breakdowns, stomach discomforts, diahrea, headache, all kinds of challenges for myself and the group, but divine grace grants us so much blessings to make the whole trip smooth & successful. Thanks for Master’s leadership & loving support & kindness from the entire group. This Himalayas trip is very important in my life journey that may lead me to another beautiful path of life.
TQ All
Om with love

I embarked on this journey with no expectations, with just my backpacks and a personal crossroad in my heavy heart. Not even knowing exactly where or what Yatra is. Just trusting that inner voice to follow in our Master’s light…
Little did I know that on this Yatra, I would lose a part of me in the mountains and then, only discover more of myself, my purpose and all around us.

We found new friendships (which we thought never to find again after the schooldays).
We were giving care to each other (when we thought there was no more to share).
We laughed, we cried, we lost, we found, we held each other…
Loving each and everyone when we thought love had been forgotten.

In this land rising above the clouds,
There are no boundaries of time or age.
A beautiful song came from deep within…
Her melody moved through me, 
Tho no ears could hear.
A tune I know so well,
yet cannot remember.
She is flowing, 
flowing forth
Just like a river….
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti…

Dedicated to Himalaya, Ganga, Master Mani & MYS Char Dham Yatra Group 2008
With love & sunshine

Malaysia Yoga Society