Visit to the Dark Caves

The Dark Caves Diaries- A spelunking* good place to practice Kriya Yoga

*Caving, also called spelunking, is the recreational sport of exploring caves – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Batu Caves, 24th Feb 2008

Interesting start! Sleek looking cave boots that flatter the legs, helmets with headlamp to light our way, a Swiss cave guide (resembling Dustin Hoffman) with a Malaysian accent…. we are ready to spelunk.


Dodging stalactites like icicles hanging from the ceiling of the cave, watching pearly lime water drip, drip from its tip to the growing stalagmite below. Another hundred years will pass before it rises by a cloudy fraction of a millimetre. Don’t touch!

Cave cockroaches crawling over the tip of my boots but I don’t feel. Pungent fumes rise from the guano (bats droppings) on the ground but I am entranced: flowing cave walls like melting wax, frosty edge of rim stone pools hypnotise. Ahh…the beauty of the dark caves. The light fades as our guide leaves us. A pitch blackness swallows us, murmurs turn to silence, the stillness so thick you can slice it. We sit together and yet alone. We are engulfed.

We practise Kriya Yoga. For some moments, the sound of “AUMmmm….” resonate through the cave room. The peaceful hum of “ummmmmm….” suspended in the dark space….Time has passed. A faint glow spreads into the room, a light… Our guide has returned! We walk, we climb, we crawl, we slither and slide and slip out from the muddy tunnels of the dark caves, back into light!.

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