MYS National Yoga Camp 2022

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Malaysian Yoga Society Yoga Camp 2022 in Broga

When did we last have a Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) Yoga Camp? December 2019, before covid/pandemic in early 2020!

It has been some years now, and it’s time to have a whole new camping experience outside of school environment. To feel the air on the face and just enjoy being in a resort environment! That is why we chose the Green View Farm in Broga, Negeri Sembilan.

Broga is quite well-known and we believe that the 3-day camping experience there for both children (10 to 12 years old) and their parents will be unique and liberating. This is also because we are allowing the parents/guardians to take part as well.

Just imagine the fun of walking on the fresh-smelling grass, watching the farm animals and enjoying the endless greenery, along with the more meaningful yoga activities like Hatha Yoga, relaxation, massage, family yoga and more…

This is a wonderful way to chill out as we learn and explore deeper issues that will have a lasting impact in our lives.

The talks on Yama & Niyama, or the code of ethics, would take one on a path of self-analysis and harmonious living with others. They represent one’s commitment with oneself and others, while the Tratak technique, to be taught every night, will give one a solid method to hold on to, for building on strong memory and focus to aid in children’s lifetime formal and informal education, and living. Just remember that the better one’s memory and focus is, the greater is the opportunity for one to attain success in life.

Strong positive relationships with oneself, family and others is vital for healthy social and emotional development.

The camping experience will definitely help one to build on positive values and boost children’s confidence level. The improved psychosocial fitness will have great influence in one’s academic performance, overall health, and quality of life, throughout life. More so with the opportunity to have follow up programmes later next year and the constant touch with the organisation’s other activities.

Knowledge into oil massage techniques and ayurveda needs to be explored and experienced for real, and here at the camp, both the children and parents will get this golden opportunity.

The details of MYS Yoga Camp 2022 are as follows:

1. Dates/time: Dec 9, 2022 (Friday 2pm to Sunday 2pm) to 11th December, 2022.

2. Venue: Green View Farm, Broga:
Address: Lot 5048 Jalan Tarun 1, Kg Tarun, 71750 Ulu Berangan, Lenggeng, Negeri Sembilan.

3. Participants: Students aged 10 to 12 and their parents/guardians

4. Fees: RM150 per student/parent/guardian

5. Targeted number of participants: 70

6. Account Details:

Malaysian Yoga Society
(Persatuan Yoga Malaysia)

7. Please open the attachments for the registration form, checklist of things to bring, letter to parents, etc.

8. Sponsorship is needed for food and to pay for students who are less privileged. Kindly send your sponsorship/donations to the above account and send the slip to Mr Kanesh at 0192233517.

9. For more info on the camp please contact:
1. Jayanthy at 0163577488
2. Vijaya at 0123927855
3. Sumi at 0122679621

Download Form at :  Yoga Camp 2022 Registration Form

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