One Day Yoga Awareness Programme – School

10th February was an unconventional Friday morning as 300 plus students of Kajang High School were assembled at the basketball court for a yoga session. The students were from classes of Form 3 to Form 6. This special yoga session was made possible by MYS/MAYI volunteer team of yoga instructors led by Master Manisekaran.

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The session began with warming up joints exercises and progressed to other yoga postures which were taught playfully to engage the students’ attention. Even the school teachers who were present joined in the camaraderie. As a test for their level of flexibility the students were asked to bend over to touch their toes and a large percentage found they were far from reaching.

Master Mani went on to take them through a series of fun and challenging yoga postures. Very soon the children were laughing with friends and also at themselves when they struggled to remain focused and still in a balancing pose on one leg. They also discovered many ways to bend, twist and even lift themselves up by using their own arms. The session was light hearted as students cheered their friends on to attempt the variety of postures which were being demonstrated to them. In this participative and experiential manner that involved all present, they were guided to see how yoga can help them improve their focus and attention spanfor studies besides working towards a healthier body and stronger immunity.

A breathing technique to help improve concentration level was taught to these students, concluding with a motivational talk on how to be more loving towardsparents if they would like their parents to love them more. To end the yoga session, Master Mani advised all the students,“When you are home later give your parents a big hug and tell them “I love you”.

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