My Yoga Sadhana Journey

DateProgrammeTotal Participants
16 & 17 Feb 2018Anbu Illam underprivileged Boys Home25 students & 3 wardens
23 & 24 Feb 2018Karunai Illam Underprivileged Girls Home25 students & 3 wardens
17 & 18 Mar 2018SJKT St Joseph, Sentul85 students, 10 teacher, 5 parents
15 Apr 2018SMK Seri Sepang & SJKT Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi250 students, 15 teachers, 20 PIBG
27 Apr 2018SJKT Fletcher120 students
22 May 2018Idea Academy (Refugees School)55 students
27 May 2018SJKT San Peng85 students, 5 teacher, 5 parents
24 June 2018SJKT Cheras75 students, 5 teachers, 5 parents
2 July 2018SJKT Labu 1, SJKT Labu 4, SJKT Batang Benar, SJKT Pajam65 students, 6 teachers, 4 parents
18 Aug 2018SJKT Rinching150 students, 20 teachers
19 Aug 2018SMK Kinrara, Puchong100 students
25 Aug 2018SJKT Rinching250 students, 20 teachers
14 Nov 2018Segi University, Kota Damansara100 participants
15-Jun-19SMK Seri Sepang & SJKT Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi210 students and 20 teachers
21-Jun-19SMK Tun Mamat,  SMK Ladang, SMK Sagil, Tangkak Johor120 participants
22-Jun-19Arulperumjothi Teluk Pulai Klang20 students and 3 adults
06-Jul-19My Skills, Kalumpang Tanjung Malim180 students and 5 teachers
10-Aug-19SJKT St Joseph, Sentul98 (students, teachers, parents)


If you are looking for a place to send your children where they can learn about the values of a healthy lifestyle, meet new ends, get plenty of good food and exercise look no further, you have the wonderful option of sending them to the annual National Yoga Camp (NYC) organised by the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors.

The camp, closed its chapter of 2019 on the 8th of December. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to learn the in-depth meaning of yoga and get exposed to 5 days 4 nights of yogic lifestyle. It was perfect for children looking their self-discipline, manage to improve emotions, learn the values of Yama and Niyama, ancient techniques to improve memory, breathing techniques, yogic relaxation and much more.

This year’s NYC was held from Nov 30th to Dec 4th for girls and Dec 4th to Dec 8th for boys at SJK (T) Saraswathy, Sungai Buloh. With the guidance and leadership of Master Manisekaran, along with the passionate and dedicated support of MAYI yoga instructors and volunteers, the camp turned out to be an extensive platform of experience-sharing, life altering and spontaneous learning for both the students and volunteers.

On the first day, some children arrived at the camp with tears in their eyes and doubts in their minds, but as the camp continued with fun activities – ranging from classical hatha yoga sessions and ayurveda, to guest speakers’ talks on various subjects – the children very quickly adapted to the loving and lively learning environment, and made friends with ease.

On a typical day at the camp, the kids wake up at 5:30am and perform yogic cleansing. This is followed by the practice of hatha yoga,

breathing techniques and relaxation practices. Afterwards they have yoga-based talks and activities for the entire day before lunch and dinner. Lastly, they tune in to Master Mani’s talk on yoga, and do concentration and guided meditation practices. Sleeping time is at 10:00-11:00pm.
The kids worked hard to prepare for the final day performance and performed well in front their parents and teachers. The parents’ thunderous clapping showed that they were proud of their kids. And the kids smiles upon receiving their certificates displayed their joy and gratitude. Upon taking the group photo with all participants at the camp, the kids’ love and gratitude filled the entire hall. All vowed to be a better person and reach their highest potential by putting concerted effort towards learning yoga. Some even cried and did not want to leave the camp.
Despite the challenges, the National Yoga Camp 2019 was a big success, thanks to all the volunteers and kids. Everyone will definitely look back at this experience with fruitful feelings.
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malaysian yoga society (events)i1349
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