MYS National Yoga Camp 2019


The National Yoga Camp is a project organised and sponsored by the Malaysian Yoga Society (MYS) in collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Yoga Instructors (MAYI).

The objective of Yoga Camp is to bring greater awareness about the deep realities of Yoga and its benefits to school students; to teach simple and effective asanas, breathing techniques for steady mind, increased energy and inner peace, inspiring them to understand themselves and their surroundings better for a meaningful existence, and, to lead a calm, caring and successful life based on powerful yogic techniques.

Understanding the Yama (restraints) and Niyama (observances) values, for example, which are the first two steps in the eight limbs of yoga, will help students learn how to respect oneself and others, live in harmony, differentiate between good and bad company, prevent them from succumbing to negative influences, pick up commendable, healthy and progressive habits, and be responsible individuals with rational, motivated and forward thinking skills. The camp’s yoga-related personality development programmes, will have far reaching benefits on the student’s inner and outer development, and give a great boost to their self-esteem and self-confidence.

National Yoga Camp 2019


Yoga Camp Activities Yoga Camp is a meticulously compiled training. It is 5 days programme, based on a complete Yoga syllabus, such as Yama (restraint) & Niyama (observance) for individual personality development, Yoga Asanas (postures), benefits of Yoga, Shatkarmas techniques (cleansing), Pranayama (breathing), Dharana (concentration) and Dhyana (meditation), for the participants to benefited with increasing awareness about the deep realities of Yoga and its power to transform one’s life.


Personality Development (Yama and Niyama) Learning’s from Yama (restraints) and Niyama (observances) values; build inner strength, how to love and respect oneself and others, how to be in harmony with friends, teachers & family, how to differentiate between good and bad, how to prevent from getting into bad company and avoid bad habits.

Postures (Yoga Asanas) Yoga postures for better physical and mental health; enhances body awareness, improves blood circulation and flexibility, weight management & better complexion, improvement of fitness, improves cognitive function, improves memory and focus, balances energies in the body to prevent lethargy, rejuvenates the entire body & mind and balances the central nervous system.

Detox Techniques (Shatkarmas) Purification of body; balancing and activation of the vital systems in the body like the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems; cleansing of outer and inner organs like the food pipe, stomach, colon, eyes, lungs and ears; to reduce toxin, prevent and manage discomforts and diseases like asthma, cold, gastritis and fever.

Breathing Techniques (Pranayama) Promotes mental stability and steadiness; sends energy to internal organs to keep the organs healthy and to prevent diseases; increases energy, vitality and stamina.

Relaxation Techniques (Pratyahara) Techniques to manage/get rid of stress; cultivate peaceful, relaxed state of body and mind; techniques to handle all tasks with a calm state of mind

Concentration (Dharana) Concentration techniques for super memory and superior concentration powers; helps students improve in their studies, score well and create a thirst in them to be successful individuals and become top students.

Meditation (Dhyana) Helps calm the mind, increases concentration and helps one remain centred at all times, especially during studies and during exams.



I would like to thank Master Manisekaran and his excellent team for organising this wonderful and motivating camp in December 2013.

At first I thought this Yoga camp was just another ordinary camp where they have all the normal camping activities, but when I attended this camp in 2013, I learnt many new asanas (poses) and other yoga-related activities. We did exercises for the eye (tratak). This exercise actually brought my eye sight power down from 350 to 75. I have no words to say. I did this exercise for 4-6 months 10 minutes everyday. I really would like to attend any yoga functions organised by Malaysian Yoga Society. Master Manisekaran is very calmn and is ever so patient in handling the many issues of the teenagers.

We were taught to treat other people as if they were our own brothers and sisters. I was a person who was easily influenced by others and after I attended this course I learnt to be more confident and build my leadership attitude. Join the camp and let miracles take place in you.

Namaskar. – Aravind Moghan


Hello, I am Harsvini Loganathan, 19, from Batu Caves, Selangor pursuing my undergraduate studies at the Help University. I am writing about the changes I have seen in myself after participating in the National Yoga Camp organized by Malaysian Yoga Society. Well, to make a long story short the major changes I have seen in myself is from the health aspect. I had a very severe and chronic sinus problem plus I have a very mild pneumonia where the chances of getting an asthma was very thin for me. In the yoga camp, few trained and well-experienced Yoga Instructors taught me few Ayurvedic methods to reduce the sinusitis without any scientific medications. The first method was “Jala Neti”. It is actually a very effective practice which shows vast difference after practicing it like a month. The “Jala Neti” actually clears any blockages from the nostrils and allows you to experience clean fresh air. The next method was “Kunjal”. This practice actually a very easy ready-at-home detox practice.

Practicing “Kunjal” three times a week gives a clear complexion of the skin, removes all the biles and unwanted acids from your body just with 1.5 litres of luke warm salt water.

Other than health, the National Yoga Camp also helped me a lot to get through my tough times when my emotional was unstable. Lots of body and mind relaxation techniques were taught in the camp. One of the best technique that I prefer personally is “Yoga Nidra”. “Yoga Nidra” is a very powerful mind relaxation technique where 15 minutes of this is actually equivalent to 2 hours of nap. Well those were the wonderful experience and changes that I have seen in myself after participating in this National Yoga Camp. I will keep contributing for this camp and I can’t wait to join  the camp again this year. Thank you!